AIR Organizational Membership

Great news! Northeastern University has joined the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) as an organizational member. That means that all NU employees have full access to AIR membership benefits. AIR connects and equips professionals in higher education who produce, analyze, and interpret data so they can more effectively, efficiently, and ethically use that data for the success of their organizations and the students they serve. For over 50 years, AIR has been committed to building and sustaining strong data-informed decision cultures within higher education institutions.

Accessing benefits through your organization’s membership is easy. If you don’t already have one, create an account. If you have an existing account, simply use that one, even if it’s connected to a personal AIR membership. In your membership profile, ensure that your current employer is accurate. Connecting your profile to an employer with organizational membership is how you will access benefits. An email will be sent with additional instructions to anyone who does not have an account.