Data Dictionaries

Northeastern University's Metadata Dictionaries

Data dictionary information and reference materials are available for the university community in relation to university-wide Business Concepts and Terms, global definitions, and the major integrated reporting environments and/or tools as defined in detail below.

Data Cookbook

The Data Cookbook is Northeastern’s new data dictionary software, where you will be able to gain knowledge on the following:

    • University-wide business concepts and terms
    • Data Warehouse related business domain models and packages, including canned report specifications, which contain definitions, correlated attributes, data items available in the report, and filters applied to the data.

To access this information, a Northeastern University employee account is required.

Data Cookbook


The Finance Business Functional Area folder contains data model packages and content that expose University financial information for analytic and reporting purposes, organized by subject area.​


The Research Functional Area folder contains the data model package and content that exposes University research proposal information for analytic and reporting purposes.

Argos Data Dictionaries

The Data Dictionary is a long-standing reference tool that helps users define all fields available in Argos, which are sourced from the ODS (Operational Data Store). Links to the Dictionary can now be found inside some of the Argos DataBlocks themselves by clicking the ‘Data Dictionary’ button on the DataBlock form.

Data Dictionary information for the ODS views can be found in the Banner ODS Data Dictionary.

Open the Banner ODS Dictionary

Related Reference Materials

The Shared Data Standards is a document designed to ensure that there is a consistent use and integrity of the institution’s data by giving detailed standards for numerous fields found in the ODS.

To access this information, a Northeastern University employee account is required.

Access the Shared Data Standards