Northeastern’s leading provider of centralized decision support


University Decision Support provides timely information and analysis to both the Northeastern community and to external entities to enable evidence‐driven decision making and planning. To accomplish this, we:

  • Provide integrated analysis and research to University decision makers in support of planning, accreditation, and budgeting
  • Produce and disseminate reports offering insight into the progress and performance of Northeastern
  • Assess and evaluate Northeastern’s academic, administrative, and co‐curricular initiatives, aided by the professional design and administration of surveys of Northeastern’s students, alumni, staff and faculty
  • Respond to external requests for information from entities including government agencies, university and program accreditors, professional organizations, college guidebooks and other media outlets
  • Manage and facilitate Data Governance to maximize the value extracted from Northeastern’s data assets
  • Provide access to data within a reliable and secure computing environment for Northeastern’s reporting community, supported by education and training
  • Promote, influence, and advance a culture of shared knowledge by making data accessible to employees in accordance with their role and purpose.
  • Champion data literacy and data-informed decision making

In summary, University Decision Support is a university‐wide source of information, expertise, and guidance for data consumers throughout the University.


Northeastern University is a data-driven organization that makes quality decisions quickly due to a high competence in analytics and data management. To reinforce this, University Decision Support is Northeastern’s leading provider of centralized decision support, delivering meaningful information to the University community. We strengthen the mission of the University by providing insightful and innovative analytics and access to high‐quality data in a proactive and transparent manner.

University Decision Support fosters a collaborative working environment that values service excellence, professional development, openness, and the pursuit of knowledge.