Recent Rankings Releases

The Spring is rankings season in Higher Education.  Not only does Northeastern University submit rankings data to many organizations in the Spring (much of what we submit is based on the Common Data Set), but we receive many of our results this time of year.  UDS Institutional Research (IR) is deeply involved in all aspects of the rankings process, from data preparation for submission, to review and circulation of final results, to analysis of rankings’ methodology.  Most recently, UDS received rankings results for US News’ graduate rankings.  Notably, we’ve seen improvements in rankings for our graduate programs in business (part-time MBA), many graduate engineering specialties (electrical engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, and more), our MS in nursing, several law specialties, computer science, and our graduate programs in public health.  Last month we received the results from QS’ World University Rankings by Subject.  QS is a well-known ranking internationally, particularly in India.  Our rankings improved in engineering and technology, life sciences, natural sciences, and several other specialty fields.

As new rankings are released, Kaslong Nda—UDS IR Data Analyst and Engineer—works hard to maintain our Rankings Dashboard located on the Tableau Server.  Kaslong compiles all newly updated subject area rankings as well as overall rankings and updates the data in this tracker on a rolling basis throughout the year.  Kaslong also works to maintain a dashboard page that includes detail on the most recent methodology for each ranking, including what criteria are applied and how much relative weight is placed on these rankings criteria.  Understanding each ranking’s methodology is important in understanding and interpreting the ranking results.  Finally, you may have read earlier in this newsletter that the UDS and the Provost’s Office recently worked to revise its peer institution group.  The Rankings Dashboard will soon include customized dashboard views that provide insight into rankings benchmarks with this new group of peers.

Anyone in the university community is invited to view and interact with the comprehensive data included in our Rankings Dashboard.  We hope it is a helpful resource throughout this year’s rankings season and beyond!