Academic Analytics Workshops and New Website

We are rolling out new Academic Analytics (AcAn) resources and workshops this summer! Through this outreach and education, we hope to increase understanding and use of helpful Academic Analytics modules.  In particular, we aim to help faculty understand how to curate their scholarly profiles with Faculty Insight and help department chairs and other research administrators use Research Insight, Analysis on Demand, and Benchmarking and enjoy the benefits of data-informed decision making.  Please see below for workshops happening soon, and a link to our new website. 

New Website 

Our new website for Academic Analytics at Northeastern is up and running! The improved, more modern format has the information you need to understand Academic Analytics, get help, and get credentialed.  Please take a look and let us know if there are other resources that you might like to see added. Your comments and suggestions are welcome at  


Workshops are available to help you learn more about Academic Analytics and how to use the handy tools provided.   

Faculty Insight Overview Workshop (monthly) 

2nd Friday of each month, 11:30 – 12pm 

This monthly workshop provides an overview of how to use Faculty Insight and the Research Discovery Portal for collaborator and funding searches as well as how to curate your profile.  We will devote lots of time to Q&A. The workshop will be offered on the 2nd Friday of each month from 11:30-12:00. Details and a meeting link are on the Academic Analytics at Northeastern website. Please let us know if you would like to schedule a Faculty Insight workshop for your college or department. 

To join the monthly Faculty Insight Workshop on Teams, click here. 

 Upcoming workshop: Strategic Support in Faculty Hiring.  September 19 at  

Academic Analytics’ tools can be helpful in making strategic decisions around faculty hiring through expanding the applicant pool and modeling how the addition of a faculty member will change the department’s research profile. The Research Insight module can assist a search committee in identifying prospective faculty members with research expertise matching what is desired in a new colleague and compare the attributes of competing candidates. This interactive workshop will provide an overview of how to utilize the tools for this purpose.   

 Upcoming Workshop:  Custom Unit Comparisons August 10, 2023 12 – 1pm  Academic Analytics’ Custom Units tool allows users to create custom units of faculty to compare them to similar departments at other schools – and to select the specific peers to compare the new unit against. Whether you are checking out the competition or seeking to emulate aspirant peers, this tool will help provide strategic insight.  Join colleagues from Academic Analytics as they demonstrate how to create custom units.