Celebrating Christopher Comeau’s Remarkable Career Move

We are thrilled to share an inspiring success story within our UDS family! Christopher Comeau, with whom many of you have worked in the past, has achieved a remarkable promotion, transitioning from an administrative and project assistant position to a brand-new data analyst role within the University Decision Support team. In this new capacity, Christopher will be focusing on assessment and evaluation activities via Northeastern’s extensive survey research agenda and provide the Office of the Provost with higher education comparative research.  

For over two years, Christopher has been an indispensable asset to our team, diligently managing administrative processes, coordinating workflows, and ensuring the smooth operation of our daily tasks. His dedication and motivation have been evident in every project he took on. 

However, Christopher’s journey did not stop there. Fueled by his passion for data analysis and an innate curiosity about leveraging data for informed decision-making, he sought out new opportunities within the team. When a data analyst position opened, Christopher saw it as the perfect chance to channel his growing interest in data analysis and contribute to the university’s data-driven initiatives. 

We are immensely proud of Christopher and are excited to see the positive impact his multi-faceted work will bring to the UDS team. With Christopher’s contribution as a data analyst, we anticipate more data-driven insights, enhanced decision-making processes, and improved outcomes for our department and the university as a whole. 

Join us in congratulating Christopher on this well-deserved achievement! We look forward to witnessing his continued growth and success in his new role and beyond.