Changes in Effect for Tableau Licensing

You may have recently heard that we have made a change in how Tableau licenses at Northeastern are distributed and tracked.  We are now using Login-based License Management (LBLM). This feature of Tableau modernizes our licensing infrastructure to use our Tableau Server to authenticate Creator licenses. This means that those who have a Creator license (composed of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder) will have their license verified by our Tableau Server.

To provision licenses to end users, we’ll simply assign you to a Creator role on the Tableau Server. As a Creator license holder, you will use your Tableau Server login credentials to activate your instance of Tableau Desktop and Prep Builder on your local machine.  (You’ll no longer need to enter that lengthy license key on your desktop Tableau software!) LBLM will also allow us to monitor license usage, which will help us save money on Creator licenses that are no longer being used, such as when someone changes positions or leaves the university.

If you have any questions about your Tableau license now that we have switched to LBLM, please contact Rana Glasgal ( or Zeid Farhad (