Count Yourself IN!

A big part of our work in UDS is providing high-quality data for monitoring our progress in strategically important areas.  One key area is diversity.  In recent years, it has become more difficult to accurately track the demographics of our employee population, due to an increasing number of unknowns in the data.

We are seeking everyone’s help in improving this situation.  Providing and updating your personal information in Workday is critical in helping the university keep accurate records and continue its efforts to build a more inclusive, diverse workforce. By sharing your race, ethnicity, gender, and disability information, you help us understand how best to provide support and allocate resources to our community.  This information is reported only in the aggregate, to preserve your privacy.

Currently, around 70% of employees already volunteer this information. Please join your colleagues and count yourself in!  Help us get closer to 100% this spring by following these quick instructions.