Left to right: Val Nestor, Matt Dolan, Jeff Wormuth, Rana Glasgal, David Paek, Mark Chambers, Mike Carlucci

Data Stewardship Council Reunites and Welcomes New Members

Veteran Data Stewardship Council (DSC) members and new faces alike met on the last Monday of November for their first in-person meeting since the pandemic forced the quarterly event to go fully remote over a year ago.

Hosted by Val Nestor, Senior Director for Data Administration at Northeastern’s University Decision Support office, DSC meetings keep members up to date on all things related to internal university data. The data overseen by DSC members is essential for setting the course of Northeastern University as a whole.

Taking place on the 12th floor conference room of 177 Huntington Ave, the latest DSC meeting was a hybrid affair hosting around a dozen in-person attendees who enjoyed catering and snacks provided by Nestor’s team. Remaining members tuned in remotely for the session— a reminder that the pandemic is ongoing and meetings have adapted to suit a post COVID-19 workspace. Safety precautions including masks and distancing were observed for in-person attendees.

New additions welcomed to the DSC included Matt Dolan from the Office of Information Security and Dave Paek of Advancement. Nestor also introduced Sean Hewitt, a guest presenter from Eckerson Consulting who went on to update the team about the ongoing reorganization of university data administration allowing for more targeted capabilities, additional resources, and partnerships. Hewitt also complimented Northeastern’s already robust data governance system, for which he credited members of the DSC.

Multiple speakers took time to express the importance of metadata management in instilling trust in the accuracy of data provided. Both Nestor and Joan Cyr, Associate Director for Research Operations and Systems, expanded on the accomplishments and goals of the metadata management team moving forward.

Rana Glasgal, Associate Vice-Provost for Institutional Research and Decision Support, followed up with a data governance maturity survey for the purpose of evaluating data governance program growth.

Nestor concluded the meeting by congratulating all DSC members and having attendees open envelopes containing surprise gifts—personalized, framed certificates celebrating each member’s unique contributions to the council. Those attending remotely had their certificates mailed to their homes in advance.


Not pictured above: Isabel Ah Kee, Jim Brand, Mike Bruno, Becky Collet, Joan Cyr, Siham Doughman, Lauren Hankin, Brian Clinton, Michelle Scharnagle, Chuck Torrey, Theresa Waggett, Clair Waterbury, Catherine Walsh, Gary Younger, Shane Karcz, John McNally.