Winning Form-ULAE For Data Access

If you have an itch for data, but don’t know how to scratch it, look no further than the Data Administration Sharepoint site.

With the newly revised K2 Argos/Cognos (and now Snowflake) Access Request form, data mavens can obtain access to the Operational Data Store (ODS) through Argos, the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) using Cognos, and the Snowflake data platform.  Data in both the ODS and Snowflake can be accessed using any ODBC-compliant querying tool.

Once the Accountholder and Manager Agreements have been completed, Data Custodians review each request and, if approved, will assign roles to meet the stated business need.

If your data needs are more project based or will be used to support an ongoing business process, the Enterprise Data Sharing Project Request form provides you with an opportunity to request data from a Data Custodian, explain how it will be used, and describe the project’s purpose.  Data Administration will review the form and route it to the appropriate Custodians who can indicate their approval, along with any limitations, for the request.  Completing the form and the process ensures continuity, providing Custodians who are new to the subject area with important context regarding existing data sharing agreements.

As always, please contact with any questions or comments