Explore Our New Data Literacy SharePoint Site!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new Data Literacy SharePoint site.  Our vision is for this site to be a comprehensive platform to help empower NU staff with the knowledge and skills to navigate the vast world of data. Whether you’re a data novice or looking to enhance your expertise, our site is a handy resource for all things data literacy. And in today’s data-driven environment, data literacy is not just an asset; it’s a necessity! Some of the current highlights of the Data Literacy SharePoint site include:


  • Our landing page dives into what data literacy is (and what it is not), its significance in our professional and personal lives, and how it stands apart from data maturity. Visit this page to discover the multifaceted nature of data literacy and why it’s a critical skill in the 21st century.
  • The page entitled NU’s Commitment outlines Northeastern University’s vision, mission, goals, and values regarding data literacy, as well as its connection to humanics. Here, we also share what a data literacy program is, along with key components of the data literacy program at NU.
  • Dive into a world of learning with our On-Demand Learning Resources Consider it your personal data literacy learning library, offering a wealth of on-demand learning resources organized by key topics:


  1. Introduction to Data Literacy
  2. Data Concepts
  3. Data Governance
  4. Introduction to Statistics
  5. Data Analytics Basics
  6. Data Informed Decision Making
  7. Data Visualization Fundamentals
  8. Tableau for Data Viz
  9. Data Communication (Dashboards, Stories, Reports & Presentations)
  10. Excel for Data Analysis
  11. Introduction to Data Science
  12. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  13. Data Leadership


The on-demand learning resources curated here include instructional videos, online courses, hands-on challenges, and instructional modules, offering you a range of learning modalities to best suit your desired pace and preferences. Customize your learning by filtering resources to match interests and schedule.

  • Need a quick tip or a deep dive into a specific topic? Our Data Literacy Tips & Cheat Sheets page is your treasure trove. This page is your go-to resource for practical advice, shortcuts, and step-by-step guides designed to enhance your data skills. Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the basics or an experienced professional looking to refine your expertise, our collection of tips and cheat sheets is here to assist you in navigating the complex world of data with ease and confidence. So far, this page includes cheat sheets and guides on data literacy, data terms & vocabulary, data analysis, data governance, data storytelling, data visualization, dashboards, decision making, Tableau, and machine learning.
  • The Data Literacy in the News page contains links to recent articles about data literacy in the news to help you keep up with the latest data literacy thinking and information.

We invite you to visit the NU Data Literacy SharePoint today to explore, learn, and transform the way you view and work with data. The journey to data literacy starts with a single click!


Note:  Parts of the site are still under development. Please check the site regularly as we expand it with new content, tools, and resources.