Fact Book Update

University Decision Support is pleased to share that our annual update to the University Fact Book is now complete.  Fall 2022 data is now available for the following sections: About the University, Admissions, Degrees Awarded, Enrollment, Experiential Learning, Financial Aid, Human Resources, International Student Enrollment, Retention and Graduation Rates, and University Libraries.  Please note that our Research Funding and Finance sections will be updated soon, as the university finalizes data for our prior fiscal year.

We are also excited to share that we have made the following additions and changes this year, many of which allow for improved insight into our growing global campus community:

  • Our Enrollment and International Students sections now allow for filtering by campus location.  Users can now view enrollment specific to Boston, Charlotte, Oakland, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Toronto, and Vancouver as of Fall 2022, based on students’ designated home campus.  We have also added new Global Campus Enrollment and International Students by Global Campus pages where users can view student enrollment across all campuses.  It is important to note, however, that the London campus continues to maintain a separate student information system at this time, therefore we are not able to provide comprehensive enrollment data for London as of yet.  We hope to make this addition in future Fact Book updates.
  • Our Human Resources section reflects Fall 2022 data derived from Workday, given the university’s transition to this new HR system last winter.  UDS, HR, and IT, in close partnership, have worked hard to improve the quality of employee data following the Workday implementation.  Plans are in place to further refine and improve this data throughout the Winter and Spring.  If you have questions or concerns related to the new Fall 2022 Workday data, please do not hesitate to reach out.
  • Related to our Human Resources section, the Workday system does not yet include EEO job classification for staff, making this data unavailable for Fall 2022 at this time.  Instead, we have provided alternate information via our new Staff Management Level  If you would like further information or data definitions related to staff management level, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  In short, Executives include the president, senior officers, and deans; Management includes those with supervisory roles; Professional includes individual contributors who execute strategy; Research staff includes individual contributors who execute research strategy and support research objectives; Service includes individual contributors who provide hands on support through structured, often manual services; and Administrative Support includes individual contributors who provide support for day-to-day activities, particularly front-line services.  As the titling suggests, this page is specific to staff, and omits faculty.
  • Finally, as many of you may already know, much of our Human Resources section allows for filtering by Division, including by college.  You may notice that the Division filter now includes an option to disaggregate Fall 2022 data specific to Mills College at Northeastern, allowing insight into our new Oakland-based faculty and staff.

UDS welcomes your questions, comments, and other feedback as you continue to explore this new data.  As our university evolves, our data reflects this evolution, often increasing in complexity.  Our aim is to continue to iterate and improve the Fact Book over time so that it remains a valuable resource for you and others throughout our university community.