Northeastern joins the Student Achievement Measure

The Student Achievement Measure (SAM) is a national initiative that provides universities with a tool to report the progress and graduation of more students than the standard federal methodology for reporting undergraduate graduation rates.  Using the National Student Clearinghouse as a source of cross-institutional information, it reports on the outcomes of students who enroll in multiple institutions throughout their academic careers.  Thus it is more comprehensive than the usual graduation rate, which reports only on students who start and finish at their first institution.

SAM is a great tool for prospective students who want a better understanding of actual graduation rates.  While Northeastern’s graduation rate is very high, through our participation in SAM we found that an additional group of students earn their degrees after transferring to another university.  Northeastern is proud of the role it played in the education of these students as they progressed through their path to a degree.

To see Northeastern’s SAM page, click here.