The Research Discovery Website is Live!

The Research Discovery website is packed with information about our faculty and their research.  You can search for a faculty member to see their awards, grants, conference proceedings, books, patents, and other scholarly work.  You can also search by research topic if you are looking for an expert on a particular field of research.  The site also allows you to look at a particular department of interest to see all of the faculty in the department and their scholarly work in one place.

The Research Discovery website is useful to potential graduate students to view our faculty and find a faculty member who fits their interests, or for faculty at other institutions to find potential collaborators.  The data is provided by Academic Analytics, NU-RES, and the faculty themselves who can view and update their works via the Faculty Insight tool.  For more information on the Research Discovery website and Academic Analytics, please visit the UDS website or contact Rana Glasgal, Associate Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Decision Support. (