The University Fact Book: Now Updated to Include Fall 2021

The University Fact Book has been maintained by UDS for many years, and we are pleased to announce that the Fact Book now includes metrics from Fall 2021.

This year, we are happy to share that we have added in the number of postdocs, which can be accessed in our Human Resources section.  This has been a commonly requested figure for grant applications and other purposes, and we have provided the data in summary for the university as well as by college.  It is interesting to see the increase in postdocs over the past three years!

A treasure trove for data lovers across the university, the Fact Book contains trend data on undergraduate admissions, enrollment, international students, undergraduate retention and graduation rates, degrees awarded, financial aid, university library systems, research funding, and finance data.  One can find anything from our latest endowment figure to the percentage of students in the class of 2020 who participated in study abroad.

Almost all of our reporting is filterable by variables such as college, year, or student type, allowing for customization of data according to specific needs and research questions.  Over the years, UDS has worked hard to incorporate filters and additional data to meet the most common information needs of the broader university community.