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Business Concepts Subgroup

The Business Concepts workgroup is a multi-functional team of Data Stewards, or their designees appointed by the Data Stewardship Council (DSC), tasked with the goal to create a mutual understanding among multiple business units of enterprise wide definitions for commonly used key business concepts and associated terms and data elements.

These definitions will aid in the management of core areas of business practice and strengthen university reporting and analytical capabilities to make evidence-influenced decisions through the common understanding of the terms used to describe information

It is comprised of members from the following offices: Admissions, Compliance, Enrollment Research, Human Resources, General Counsel, Professional Advancement Network, Institutional Research, Registrar and Data Administration.

This group functions as a resource for the Data Stewardship Council (DSC), who have final approval and authorization for all project definition. Any work accomplished by this group must be ratified by the DSC before being published to the university community.

Attendance at committee meetings is by invitation only. Members can find more detailed information on the University’s SharePoint site here.