Survey Research & Design

Tips and services for successful surveys

Creating a Successful Survey

With more departments/people wanting to collect data, the frequency of surveys presents a challenge to maintaining good response rates.

Tips & Tricks

To avoid survey fatigue and maximize the usefulness of the data generated from these surveys, make certain that…

When building your survey

  • Your questions cannot be answered by existing sources of data or collected through other alternative means of data collection.
  • Survey objectives are clearly defined and the study population is identified.

When considering your audience

  • Potential respondents are not overloaded with too many survey requests in a short amount of time.
  • The value of the survey is well communicated to the survey population.
  • Your instrument is well designed and pre-tested and keeps your respondents engaged throughout the survey.
  • Your timeline is reasonable and surveys to students are not being sent during busy times (exams, study days, periods of peak workloads) or during vacations or holidays.

To encourage participation

  • Data security is promised and maintained.
  • If promised, confidentiality of responses and privacy of the survey participants are safeguarded.

Services available

University Decision Support offer services to help you through the process from creating the survey itself to presenting the data when it’s finished!

  • Planning the survey instrument and audience
  • Administering the survey
  • Post-survey completion

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