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Argos is the University’s official reporting tool for the Operational Data Store (ODS). It’s a powerful reporting solution designed for everyone from novice users to the most experienced data reporters. Argos can meet your needs for both simple ad hoc queries to advanced dashboards with interactive drill-down charts.

Argos contains data for reporting from the following Subject Areas at the university:

  • Admissions
  • Advancement
  • Co-op
  • Finance
  • Financial Aid
  • Student
  • Student Accounts

Argos Access/Logging In

To request Argos access, please follow the instructions through the link below for the new Cognos-Argos Access Request Form (an NU employee account is required to access the Request Form):

Cognos-Argos Access Request Form and Instructions

Users with an active account can log in through these links:

Argos Production  Argos Test

For Mac users you will need to use Argos Web Viewer (Production and Test):

Argos Web Viewer (Production)  Argos Web Viewer (Test)


Helpful material for the Argos User Community

Argos Data Dictionaries

Data dictionary information for all fields available in Argos can now be found inside the Argos DataBlocks themselves by clicking the ‘Data Dictionary’ button on the DataBlock form.

Data dictionary information for the ODS views can be found in the Banner ODS Metadata repository.

Open the Banner ODS Dictionary

The Shared Data Standards is a document designed to ensure that there is a consistent use and integrity of the institution’s data by giving detailed standards for numerous fields found in the ODS.

Access the Shared Data Standards

Frequently Asked Questions

Have your manager fill out an ODS/Argos access form, which can be found here.

First, you must change your ODS password using the Production link under the heading ODS Users in the access approved email.

Next, you will see a window that says “Connect Directly: Enter your connection details below to connect directly to Oracle BI Discoverer.”

Using the link from your email, find your temporary password. Once you have the temporary password, you must perform the password change using the following:

User Name: an ‘N’ followed by your 9 digit NUID

Password: the temporary password acceseed from the link in your email

Database: ODSP8

After entering the information above, click the Go button. you should be prompted to enter your old password and choose a new one. Your old password is the temporary one, and you choose your new one. Data Administration recommends using your myNEU password as your new password to make is easier to remember.

After successfully changing your password for ODSP8, you can access Argos from links in your confirmation email, or from the DA SharePoint site. After clicking on the link to Argos, click the blue Argos button to log in.

Users can request to have their ODS passwords reset through their myNEU employee portal by following the steps below:

Log into the Northeastern employee hub and go to the “Service and Links” tab, scroll down until you see the link on the left-hand side entitled “ServiceNow” and click on it.

In the top right corner of the page click on the words “CLASSIC UI”.

One the next screen click on the “Service Catalog”, option which will present you with a menu of service request items.

Under the “Account & Access Requests” menu you will find a sub-menu entitled “Security and Access Services”. Inside this menu, click on the word “Password Reset”.

On the next screen, select Database from the “Account Type” drop-down menu. In the “User Name” field enter an N followed by your 9 digit NUID. In the “Database Name” field enter “ODSP8”, and then on the right side of the screen click on the “Order Now” button.

ITS will reset your password and email it to you. you will need to change this password through Discoverer before logging into Argos.

Users sometimes experience an issue where their computer’s version of Java is not compatible with the current version of Argos used by the university, as the current version of Argos is only compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

For PC Users install Internet Explorer, if it is not already installed, and make sure it is running on the latest version of Java.

For Mac users you will need to install a virtual PC environment in order to install Internet Explorer and run Argos. The Northeastern Help Desk recommends VMWare which can be obtained through the Northeastern employee hub in “Free and Discounted Software”.

The latest version of Java is required to run the Argos application and we recommend keeping up to date with Java versions.

If you are encountering the error message above when attempting to launch Argos Test or Argos Production from Internet Explorer, please follow the steps below:

  1. In Windows Start menu search “Configure Java”
  2. Launch “Configure Java” and under the “Security” tab click the “Edit Site List…” button
  3. Add Argos Test and Argos Production by selecting the “Add” button and copying the urls
    • Argos Test:
    • Argos Production:
  4. Click “Okay” and restart your Internet Explorer program
  5. When you attempt to launch Argos again you may encounter the following error. Select the checkbox and click “Run” to start Argos

If you have tried these methods and are still experiencing issues please contact