Data Access

A how-to for all data mining endeavors

Tableau is a popular data visualization tool for interactive self-service reporting and analysis. Tableau can be used by anyone at Northeastern wishing to create their own data visualizations for use within their organization.

Northeastern’s Tableau Environment

Tableau at Northeastern is a combination of desktop software and the ability to publish desktop creations to a server for sharing. The two components you need to do this are explained below.

Tableau Creator is the software installed on your own machine for the purpose of connecting to many different types of data sources, exploring the data, and creating interactive dashboards, analyses, and repots. A Creator license entitles you to use Tableau Desktop for data exploration and visualization and Tableau Prep Builder for querying, combining, shaping, and cleaning your data. This license also allows you to publish your data visualizations to the Tableau Server.

Tableau Server is available to any faculty or staff member at Northeastern to publish and share Tableau workbooks internally.  No Tableau license is necessary just to view Tableau workbooks that other people have published.  The server is located at

The Northeastern Tableau Community

The Tableau community at Northeastern meets approximately quarterly to exchange ideas and share information. If you would like to be informed about these events and other Tableau information, we encourage you to join our Teams site for Northeastern Tableau users. There, you can ask the group a question, look for information on upcoming user group meetings, and access training and education materials. Click on “Join or create team” at the bottom left corner of the Teams app, and then enter the Tableau User Group join code 1vcpn3g and click “Join team”.


Faculty who are using Tableau for teaching purposes may submit a request online on the Tableau website to receive a free license.  Students are also eligible to receive a free license via the Tableau website request form.

All faculty and staff can log into Tableau Server to view content to which they have access.  For staff who need to view and modify existing visualizations and data sets, Northeastern University offers the Explorer license, which meets the needs of most users.  To request an Explorer license, please contact the Tableau Site Administrator (see list below) for the site containing the content you would like to access.

The Tableau Creator license is available for advanced analysts who will use Tableau Prep to obtain and clean data sets for visualizations that will be published to an established site using Tableau Desktop. A limited number are available for use by the Northeastern analytics community, so if you need a license, please submit a ServiceNow ticket.

Tableau Server

No individual license is needed to log into the Tableau Server.  Any faculty or staff member can log into the Tableau Server at Northeastern to view the content, but access to content is determined by the content publisher.

The Tableau Server, hosted and maintained by ITS, is divided into sites, typically along college, unit or departmental lines.  Each site has a site administrator who controls the ability of faculty or staff to publish to their site via “permissions” and is responsible for communicating with Tableau users in their group (such as in the case of periodic server downtime for server maintenance).  If your department does not have a site on the server but would like to start one, please submit a request via Service Now.  Be sure to include the name of the new site administrator.  For a list of current sites and their administrators, please see below.

Security and Permissions

As with any data at Northeastern, you must be granted access to the information source to be able to supply data to your Tableau workbooks. Also, any publishers of Tableau workbooks to the Tableau Server are responsible for properly securing the contents via appropriate permissions. It is a best practice to supply Viewer (and/or Interactor) privileges to those who will see your Tableau workbook, and remove download (data or workbook) privileges. Please use the Data Classification guidelines as well as the Confidentiality of University Records policy when determining who should see the information you are providing. These and other helpful policies can be found on the policy page, and Best Practices for permissions can be found on the Northeastern Tableau user group site.

Tableau Site Administrators

DepartmentSite Administrator(s)
(primary contacts in bold)
AdvancementAllison Jones
Thomas Villiotte

Shravani Thadisina
Alumni RelationsCaitlyn Capparelli
Jack McCorkle
Umair Zafar
Bouve College of Health SciencesBen Brown
Roy Schifilliti
Campus PlanningJing Chen
Scott Margeson
Center for Inclusive ComputingMegan Giordano
Catherine Gill
College of Arts, Media and DesignNora Rasanen
Adam Smith
College of EngineeringSawyer Dosier
Adam Rodrigues

Charlie Colvin
Jasmine Sun
College of Professional StudiesJoseph Reynolds
Henry Anderson
Asim Javed
Mamta Saxena
Ilia Xheblati
College of ScienceSam Inman
Settenah Savoy
College of Social Sciences and HumanitiesNancy Falk
College of Professional Studies – PublicFiona Creed
D’Amore McKim School of BusinessFernando Antonioli
Henry Fellner
Rachel Gontarz
Neha Thakur
Digital LearningMatt Behlmann
Bradley Hemenway
Erin Smith
Enrollment Management – Graduate/ProfessionalMolly Lindberg
Cristina Ruscito
Sandra Sweeney

Jes Caron
Ethan Cheatle
Alexander Leon
Anuraag Macha
Joseph Reynolds
Meghan Ryan
Samantha Smith
Ilia Xheblati
Enrollment Management – Strategic Enrollment InitiativesKevin Schultz
Enrollment Management – UndergraduateEthan Cheatle
Pratheeksha Narikkadan
Patrick Schmidt

Chloe Hight
Alexander Leon
Molly Lindberg
Frederic Ndiaye
Cristina Ruscito
Patrick Schmidt
Sandra Sweeney
Ilia Xheblati
Facilities OperationsJoe Lalley
Carl Parisien

Jing Chen
Jared Videlefsky
FinanceTanya Boulanova
Anna Rodier

David Navick
Jeffrey Wormuth
Global Experience OfficeNo site admin
Housing and Residential LifeRyan Evaul
Joshua Kang
DJ Minchoff
Daniel Palmateer
Human ResourcesNishchitha Thuljaram Yoganand
Husky Card Office Tableau ShareBrendan Kastner
DJ Minchoff

Adam Brousseau
Information Technology ServicesChristopher Carrillo
Sharon Hatton
Samy Hay
Sophia Jagannathan
Amelia Solis
KhourySarah Maravetz
Michel Feldman
Kevin Kekejian
LEARNSuzanne Horwitz
NU ClassroomRana Glasgal
Office of Global ServicesAllison Hogan
Simeon Rangelov

Ethan Cheatle
Frederic Ndiaye
Cristina Ruscito
Sandra Sweeney
Ilia Xheblati
Office of Instituional Assessment and EvaluationSophia Jagannathan
PhD NetworkSara Wadia-Fascetti
Public SafetyGreg Che
Regional CampusesKate Chan
RegistrarJennifer Dai
John Alton
Eric Benevides
Amy Hull
Gerald Power
Susan Wiseman
ResearchShruti Walawalkar
Dziyana Aydin
Joan Cyr
Melanie Tory
Roux InstituteColin Campbell
School of LawGreg Houghton
Student AffairsRobert Birichi
Student Financial ServicesWarren Lord
Teaching and Learning GroupHarun Gunasekaran
Daniel Seaton

Gloria John Rumao
University Decision SupportRana Glasgal
John Bielaus
Mike Carlucci
Diana Danelian
Brian McGrath
University LibraryJen Ferguson
Kate Kryder
James Lee
Sarah Sweeney