Data Governance

Data Administration

Northeastern’s Data Administration unit has the function of applying formal guidelines and tools to manage the University’s information resource. This results in providing reliable, accurate, secure and accessible data to meet the strategic and management needs for planning, managing, operating and the auditing of University academic and administrative data.

The Data Administration unit serves to:

  • Facilitate and oversee the University Data Governance program to ensure the quality and integrity of its data assets
  • Maximize the value received from data assets by increasing the understanding and use of the data, implementing and maintaining Data Dictionaries, and providing education and training on data usage and reporting tools
  • Improve data management and increase data sharing by promoting data consistency, security, standardization throughout the university
  • Provide reliable and secure environments for hosting data and improving direct access to data by end users via reporting tools

Primary responsibilities:

  • Document data definitions, calculations and summarizations
  • Maintain/ Update business rules
  • Oversee data quality program
  • Create and maintain business metadata repository
  • Provide education on the importance of data quality to the institution
  • Communicate data quality requirements within the institution
  • Monitor compliance and manage policy updates
  • Manage Data Classification Guidelines rollout to the University community
  • Review Business requirements and oversee reporting tools needed
  • Provide end user documentation and training on reporting tools
  • Manage security and access to data in reporting environments