Data Governance

Operations - Data Custodians & Subject Matters Experts and Data Architecture & Database Administration

These are knowledge-based experts with day-to-day responsibilities of managing business processes and establishing business rules for their Subject Areas. They ensure that data in their domain are categorized by risk-level (Data Classification), appropriately secured and made accessible.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Understand the business use of data
  • Document user requirements
  • Define business, data definitions, and data validation rules
  • Identify and resolve data errors
  • Support data users training
  • Communicate data and process issues with functional area staff
  • Provide requirements on data access and security
  • Manage and maintain Data Classification in their Subject Area
  • Provide data expertise to other teams

Technical (IT) staff responsible for maintaining and operating hardware and software platforms, implementing enhancements to systems, designing information architecture and ensuring systems availability and security.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Translate Business Requirements into data models
  • Maintain conceptual, logical and physical data models
  • Assist in data integration resolution
  • Maintain infrastructure for reporting tools
  • Perform ETL programming.
  • Perform database tuning and database backups
  • Plan for database capacity
  • Implement data security requirements