Data Governance

Policy - Data Stewards and Team Leaders

These are university leaders who oversee the capture, integrity, maintenance and dissemination of data for a particular operation according to standard data policies and procedures, who have planning and policy-level responsibilities for data in their functional areas, and who have final approval and authorization for all data related policy decisions and charter new opportunitiesĀ or initiatives on business/data.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Propose business policy and organizational issues, propose new data policies
  • Review definitions, calculations & summarizations and business rules
  • Set thresholds for acceptance levels of data quality
  • Determine data security
  • Establish initiatives and hold parties accountable
  • Resolve data integration issues

Data Stewardship Council
A cross divisional/departmental forum of Data Stewards and other senior management personnel (team leaders) is the Data Stewardship Council group (DSC). They aid in setting the direction for the University’s Data Governance Program to address data policies, business process enhancements, data security, and data quality management disciplines to ensure the availability and integrity of institutional data.

The Data Stewardship Council, led by Data Administration, is responsible for the following activities:

  • Ensure that important data assets are properly managed among the University’s official reporting environments through reviewing data definitions, calculations, summarizations, business rules, concepts and terms, and making decisions/ taking actions on resolving data integration issues
  • Examine and enhance data security initiatives by leading efforts to improve, streamline, and clarify processes related to data access and enable these best practices in their area(s)
  • Propose, enhance, and establish data-related guidelines and policies
  • Advise on processes for resolving operational enterprise challenges that could affect the quality and availability of data and set thresholds for acceptance levels of data quality
  • Charter new opportunities and initiatives to support management of institutional data through Data Governance, BI, and Analytics programs
  • Educate their functional area(s) on all the activities defined above and enforce implementation of approved guidelines and policies
  • Formalize roles and responsibilities in governing data and hold parties responsible

The following University Units comprise this group:

  • Audit & Advisory Services
  • Compliance
  • Facilities Administration
  • ITS Business Analysis
  • Lifelong Learning Network
  • Provost Research
  • Office of the Provost
  • Budget Office
  • Data Administration
  • Finance
  • ITS Business Analytics
  • Office of General Counsel
  • Student Financial Services
  • University Registrar
  • Central Coop Educational Services
  • Enrollment Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • ITS Office of Information Security

Policies and Guidelines

The policies and guidelines below were originated by, and are under the guidance of, the Data Stewardship Council.

Reporting Environments Guidelines

The guidelines below were originated by, and are under the guidance of, the Data Stewardship Council.

Data Dictionaries

Released data dictionaries content are approved and reviewed by the Data Stewardship Council.