Data Governance

Strategy - Data Governance Council

The Data Governance Council provides strategic direction and oversight of the appropriate use, availability, quality, and security of university data assets. The committee’s objective is to facilitate appropriate access to data and information while safeguarding data privacy and protecting institutional data against misuse or dissemination without proper authorization.

The Council represents the needs of the community for services, including:

  • Developing a university-wide data governance framework that balances data access and use with data privacy and protection
  • Identifying and supporting initiatives related to creating a holistic approach for managing data including metadata creation and management, master data management, and data quality efforts
  • Supporting the privacy function in governing shared data with due consideration for individual privacy and compliance with new privacy laws
  • Providing data governance issue resolution or escalation to the Information Technology Committee as necessary
  • Promoting proper access to data, including access audits and efficient business processes for the approval of access
  • Reviewing new systems and their data governance implications through briefings from the responsible parties
  • Fostering the expansion of data governance from reporting systems to university-wide ERP and other systems
  • Facilitating a common understanding of data and where it resides
  • Liaising with the Analytics Center Committee to identify any interconnected areas and assess any gaps
  • Advising and overseeing the direction of the Data Stewardship Council (DSC) to identify and prioritize initiatives, provide feedback, resolve issues, and elevate recommendations to the Information Technology Committee as necessary
  • Reviewing and monitoring audit observations and enterprise risk management plans related to University data